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36: Spend New Years Eve in...

New Years Eve 2016 went a little differently than my usual NYE shenanigans: there was no heavy drinking, partying until sunrise, crawling into a tiny diner at 6 am for breakfast, but I'm not complaining. This year, I got the amazing opportunity to roll into 2016 on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom roller coaster with two of my best friends.. At Disney Paris! We all spent the day exploring Paris and then spent the night riding roller coasters and watching fireworks through a silhouette of the Hollywood Tower of Terror. It was perfect ☺️

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Egomaniac Alert!

I've been on this train of thought for awhile now; I'll try not to make it too long..

Lately, I have discovered I have been extremely selfish. All these years, months, weeks, etc. I've been thinking these bad things have been happening to me and that I am self destructive just because that's the way the cookie crumbles. I have recently realized though, that I am completely wrong.

Growing up, I have been taking these bad things that have happened or the "bad" choices I have made much more personally than I should have. Now, that I've had some time to see how situations play out, I have come to realize that these things really did all have happy endings - just not for myself yet. After having some time for situations to play out, I have realized that the gut choices I have made, have actually made other people happy! (Even my subconscious is trying to please everyone!)

Prime example: a few years ago I broke up with my first boyfriend ever that I actually po…