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It's no secret that my goal in life is to travel the world. Since I was a child, there has been nothing more that I've wanted to than see the world, learn everything, and make a difference in someone's life.

A few months ago, I was able to kick start that dream by traveling to Africa and doing some volunteer work. When I was a freshman / sophomore in college, I did some local volunteer work at a community center. So the volunteering part was nothing new for me. However, I was expecting a life-altering, touch my soul experience; that's not what I got. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the work I did and I certainly adored the children I was able to meet. (I feel extremely selfish for feeling this way, but) I don't feel like I had a very great impact while I was volunteering. I know I'm not going to single-handedly change the world, but I feel like I could make a significant difference in just ONE person's life. I know this is an extremely selfish wa…