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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time for review!

Last year, I decided I am done with resolutions. They're silly & pointless and almost never actually get completed. However, that is not to be mistaken for a little reflection. I think December/ January is the perfect time to actually step back & take a look at yourself.
Really look at yourself. Who you are as a person, your contributions to society & others in your life, the people you surround yourself with. In December, you have an entire year of fresh experiences to think about and a whole new year to look forward to! Does what you remember make you feel good about yourself? Then make a change! Confused? Stop trying to convince yourself of things you don't truly believe. Happy? Then, go you! Keep being you :)
This year, I feel a little of all those things. So I've decided, I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself & bring back the parts of me & my life that make me happy! (As well as get rid of a few that don't.) I've never been one to really follow my head (imagine that), but for some reason, that's ALL I've been doing the last year! I seem to make everyone else happy, which is a good thing, but is it really worth sacrificing my own happiness? I think not.
Last year I had Africa to look forward to. This year, I have scuba diving, Key Largo, friend's marriages, & a summer full of new friends (and a little bit of much needed time off of work)! 2014 has barely even started & I'm already feeling a hell of a lot better about it then 2013. So, although you may think I'm taking the easy way out with no resolutions, I don't think anything can really beat having a sound piece of mind and a much better outlook on your life :)

So, I would like to make a final farewell to 2013 & resolutions, a big thank you for a little reflection time, and a warming welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!

"I'm still figuring out who I am, but I know I'm not who I was." - Brendon Urie