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Quote of the Day!

"Not all who wander are lost" - Tolkien
I saw this quote, actually, on a license plate today. I forget about this quote in my daily chaos, but every time I see it, it always gets me.

My whole life I've been told I "have a gypsy spirit" or that I have such "wanderlust" and you know what, I'm okay with that. I am always on some kind of an adventure: whether it be a spiritual or physical one, I'm always wandering somewhere! (Honestly, I could relate a lot to  Alice in Wonderland.) Even with all my daydreaming and soul searching and adventuring, I rarely feel lost. Most of the time, I really feel like this is what I should be doing. Even in my career (currently education) choices, I chose something that will continuously keep me "wandering" & adventuring.

Point of my mostly incoherent story: I adore this quote & feel it's a quote more early twenty-somethings should be familiar with.

Egomaniac Alert!

I've been on this train of thought for awhile now; I'll try not to make it too long..

Lately, I have discovered I have been extremely selfish. All these years, months, weeks, etc. I've been thinking these bad things have been happening to me and that I am self destructive just because that's the way the cookie crumbles. I have recently realized though, that I am completely wrong.

Growing up, I have been taking these bad things that have happened or the "bad" choices I have made much more personally than I should have. Now, that I've had some time to see how situations play out, I have come to realize that these things really did all have happy endings - just not for myself yet. After having some time for situations to play out, I have realized that the gut choices I have made, have actually made other people happy! (Even my subconscious is trying to please everyone!)

Prime example: a few years ago I broke up with my first boyfriend ever that I actually po…


It's no secret that my goal in life is to travel the world. Since I was a child, there has been nothing more that I've wanted to than see the world, learn everything, and make a difference in someone's life.

A few months ago, I was able to kick start that dream by traveling to Africa and doing some volunteer work. When I was a freshman / sophomore in college, I did some local volunteer work at a community center. So the volunteering part was nothing new for me. However, I was expecting a life-altering, touch my soul experience; that's not what I got. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the work I did and I certainly adored the children I was able to meet. (I feel extremely selfish for feeling this way, but) I don't feel like I had a very great impact while I was volunteering. I know I'm not going to single-handedly change the world, but I feel like I could make a significant difference in just ONE person's life. I know this is an extremely selfish wa…

Time for review!

Last year, I decided I am done with resolutions. They're silly & pointless and almost never actually get completed. However, that is not to be mistaken for a little reflection. I think December/ January is the perfect time to actually step back & take a look at yourself.
Really look at yourself. Who you are as a person, your contributions to society & others in your life, the people you surround yourself with. In December, you have an entire year of fresh experiences to think about and a whole new year to look forward to! Does what you remember make you feel good about yourself? Then make a change! Confused? Stop trying to convince yourself of things you don't truly believe. Happy? Then, go you! Keep being you :)
This year, I feel a little of all those things. So I've decided, I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself & bring back the parts of me & my life that make me happy! (As well as get rid of a few that don't.) I've never been one to …