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Monday, December 2, 2013

Where In the World.. Is Chelsea?!

Carmen San Diego is a computer game I used to play in elementary school (90‘s kids I’m sure have heard of it), but a few years ago my mom and I turned it into a real-life game. We had to modify it a bit for our own use, but it’s the same basic idea as the computer game.

Here’s the game:
The game begins at the location of where you’re leaving from, where you interview various witnesses at three different sites. *Our version: you get three clues to each destination.
Each will offer some clue about where she’s heading next: she was buying an Arabic dictionary, she was changing her currency to rupees, she wanted to hunt moose, and so on. *With the new technology we found that picture messages are great for this! Since in the game you have pictures to go with the clues. One example: my mom sent a picture of “ET” on her way to Ohio because Steven Spielberg was born in Ohio.
These clues can be used to deduce the identity of the city to which the perpetrator fled (where we’re going). 
Get it right, you’ll get a better clue.
Get it wrong, you’ll get a worse (harder) clue. This should make it harder for the opponent to guess where you’re going! - If they don’t figure it out by the time you reach your destination, tough luck buddy! *We buy souvenirs from the places we’re going! If one person guesses where the other is going, they get a souvenir :) so it’s like if you win, you get the “loot”!