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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

movie day!

All my kids watching The Lion King (for the first time).
These children have made all the difference in this trip for me. I have absolutely loved everything about this trip, but my class has made the most significant impact on my life. Just being able to spend time with them everyday and getting to know them and their way of life, made me so happy!
Most people would think this would end up being a harrowing experience, but I think it has been much more beneficial than anything for me. It’s true that these children have almost nothing (and that does make me very sad) however, these children also have so much more than most people I know in my life: These kids are so grateful and happy for EVERYTHING that they have. No matter if it’s being able to go to school, a new pair of shoes, or just having a family around. All things we as Americans take for granted every single day of our lives. I am definitely not excluded from this! I turn into an absolute wretch if I don’t eat for a few hours and these children are lucky if they receive one meal a day. It breaks my heart that as a person I’ve grown accustomed to all of the luxuries I have and 90% of the time I completely take them for granted. I am ashamed of the mentality I’ve developed as a middle class American.
I hope if there’s one thing I can take back home from this trip that it is a new-found appreciation of all the things that I do have. Also, that as an adult (I definitely still far from being a real grown-up), this is a virtue that I will possess. This isn’t something that’s going to be easy.. I can hardly contain my excitement of eating a cheeseburger and watching Supernatural.. but I never want to turn into my old bratty, ungrateful, unhappy self.
So, here I go, back off the states. Back to my cell phone service, television, food all day, and instant 24-hour services.. Wish me luck!